Landowners Group

Te Tumu Landowners Group (TTLG)

Who We Are

Formed in December 2004 the Te Tumu Landowners Group comprises of the three main landowners in the Papamoa East – Te Tumu Area.

The Te Tumu Landowners Group (TTLG) represents the two of the three main landowners, one smaller landowner in the Urban Growth Management Area known as Papamoa East (Te Tumu) Part 2. The Te Tumu Landowners Group (TTLG) comprises of: Ford Land Holdings Pty Ltd (243ha), Te Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust (241ha), and Te Tumu Kaituna 11B2 Trust (6ha).

Also within the Te Tumu Urban Growth Management Area is a third major landholding of approximately 171ha jointly owned by Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Tauranga City Council.This landholding was purchased by the Councils’ in 2007 specifically to protect the future urban development opportunity that they have identified for the area. The development rights for this landholding are held by Carrus Corporation. The TTLG landholdings together with the Council owned land make up approximately 87% of 760ha (approx) area of Papamoa East (Te Tumu).


In August 2016 both SmartGrowth and Tauranga City Council (TCC) resolved that Te Tumu would proceed to Structure Planning and a Resource Management Act Schedule 1 Plan Change process. The Structure Plan and Plan Change processes are commencing.

The Te Tumu Structure Plan and Plan Change will be undertaken and led by TCC together with support from TTLG and Carrus; in this regard, TTLG will support Council through these processes.